Home Ziad Haider Discusses White House Fellows Program

    Ziad Haider Discusses White House Fellows Program

    On Tuesday, October 15, White House Fellow alumnus Ziad Haider visited the American Society of International Law to enlighten young professionals about the White House Fellows Program and answer their questions.  This event was co-sponsored by the Washington Foreign Law Society.  After giving the audience a snapshot of the application process, Mr. Haider led a discussion that touched on his intimate personal journey to the program, the profile of other Fellows in his class, and the various challenges that one can expect throughout the course of the Program.  On several occasions following questions, Mr. Haider stressed the importance of applicants’ remaining as well rounded as possible.  Mr. Haider emphasized while that he himself has a legal background, other Fellows in his class came from medical, military, and engineering backgrounds.  According to Mr. Haider, the application is built to determine what makes an applicant “tick,” and applicants should be prepared to discuss personal stories and experiences more and in greater depth than in traditional job applications.


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