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    Women’s Human Rights in Africa

    On April 23rd, the 2014-2015 Georgetown University Law Center Leadership & Advocacy for Women in Africa Program fellows presented their graduate research projects on gender equality and human rights issues in Africa at the Cannon House Office Building. In cooperation with the Washington Foreign Law Society, the LAWA fellows presented their individual projects and led a discussion with attendees from Capitol Hill, the private and public sectors, and students. The fellows, including Sundaiway Amegashie from Liberia, Lillian Andama and Juliet Hatanga from Uganda, Victoria Matheri from Kenya, and Yamrot Moges from Ethiopia, discussed issues including effective prosecution methods for sexual crimes, women’s participation in economic development, and the role affirmative action policies can have in promoting women’s education. The discussion was moderated by Professor Jill C. Morrison.

    To view pictures from the event, please click here!


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