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    What future for the Rule of Law in Central America?

    On October 14th, 2021, the Washington Foreign Law Society hosted a webinar entitled “What future for the Rule of Law in Central America?“, with Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Ricardo Zúniga (United States’ Special Envoy for the Northern Triangle) and Mr. Alberto Mora, Executive Director for Global Programs of the American Bar Association and Director of the ABA’s Rule of Law Initiative.

    The program sought to shine a light on the state of democracy in Central America, with a specific focus on some countries in particular (such as Nicaragua) where the rule of law appears to be under increasing strain as key electoral appointments approach. The conversation also touched upon what diplomatic tools are available to the United States and to the broader international community to address democratic shortcomings in the region.

    The Society wishes to convey its hearfelt appreciation to PDAS Zúniga and Mr. Mora for their availability and for the insightful conversation.


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