Home Recap: Special Luncheon with Ken Blanco

    Recap: Special Luncheon with Ken Blanco

    Deputy Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Blanco discussed the Department of Justice’s efforts to combat cross-border money-laundering and Kleptocracy. In overseeing the Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Section (AFMLS), at the DOJ, Ken was optimistic about the level of cooperation between DOJ and foreign counterparts, touting Colombia and Mexico as successful examples of cooperation with foreign government agencies, officials, and law enforcement. The Department’s cross-border anti-money laundering efforts and asset sharing have led to the sharing of millions of dollars with other countries to strengthen their anti-money laundering efforts. In addition, Ken explained AFMLS’ Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative, which targets and seeks to recover the proceeds of foreign official corruption that have been laundered into or through the United States. This initiative has helped seize the assets of corrupt leaders all over the world including Nigeria, Taiwan, and Equatorial Guinea. The Kleptocracy Initiative, in support of the G8 and the Deauville Partnership Arab Asset Recovery Plan, is assisting the Deauville transition countries and their regional partners on asset recovery.

    See photos from the event here.


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