Home Nonproliferation in a Noncompliant World: Rethinking UN Security Council Resolution 1540

    Nonproliferation in a Noncompliant World: Rethinking UN Security Council Resolution 1540



    The UN Security Council adopted resolution 1540 in 2004 partly as a response to revelations about black market nuclear networks that affected proliferation and highlighted also the potential terrorism risks. The implementation of the resolution, which calls for criminalization of possession and transfer of weapons of mass destruction, is facilitated by the 1540 Committee, whose mandate was extended until 2021. The Security Council required a comprehensive review of the resolution in 2016. As part of this effort, former UN 1540 experts gathered their thoughts on the challenges related to implementing the resolution.

    This event will present some of these thoughts and solicit input from broader civil society on how efforts can be improved.

    In breakout groups, lawyers, researchers, policymakers, students, NGOs will be able to discuss among themselves and with the experts issues that may range from strategic trade controls to harmonization of criminal penalties to new approaches for capacity building. Resulting ideas will be shared with the Security Council’s 1540 Committee.

    Current & Former 1540 UN experts will be featured, including the work of the South Africa-based Institute for Security Studies (ISS) and its forthcoming publication of the experts’ ideas. Copies of the publication and a light breakfast will be available.

    Featured panelists/facilitators include: 

    Terence Taylor, Coordinator of the Group of Experts supporting the UN Security Council 1540 Committee

    Dr. Richard Cupitt, U.S. State Department Special Coordinator of UNSCR 1540

    Nicolas Kasprzyk, Consultant with the Institute for Security Studies, South Africa

    Esther Zubiri, head of the UNSCR 1540 implementation program at the Organization of American States’ Inter-American Committee against Terrorism.

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