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    Land Tenure: The Foundation for Economic Development

    Land, property, construction and development constitute a significant portion of the gross domestic product of many nations, especially developing countries. But what happens when a country’s laws don’t provide secure land rights? The recent natural disaster in the Philippines has brought into focus the problems that arise when land tenure laws are lacking and several countries are experiencing the impact of laws that allow for land grabs. Across the world, we see the relationship between people and their land varies with their history, culture and legal system. How can countries encourage investment and transition to market-driven economies while ensuring stability for individual citizens and promoting the stability that adequate housing provides?


    • Elizabeth Blake, Habitat for Humanity International, Senior Vice President, Government Relations & Advocacy
    • Chris Jochnick, Oxfam, Director of Private Sector Department
    • Jennifer Witriol, Associate Director, Monitoring and Evaluation, Property Rights and Land Policy Group at Millennium Challenge Corporation


    • Klaus Deininger, World Bank, Lead Economist of the Development Economics Group

    This event will be a brown bag luncheon.

    12:00 – doors open; 12:30 pm – panel begins