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    International Mass Claims: National Courts, International Tribunals, and Ad Hoc

    The International Dispute Resolution Committee of the D.C. Bar International Law Section, the D.C. Bar Litigation Section, the Washington Foreign Law Society and the Institute for Transnational Arbitration invite you to attend a lunchtime program on Tuesday, April 2, 2013 addressing what may very well be the wave of the future in international dispute resolution – mass claims. The topic of international mass and collective claims has finally reached critical temperature – U.S. class actions with an international component, mass claims in other national courts like Germany, collective claims before international tribunals (such as the ad hoc Eritrea-Ethiopia Claims Commission and the mass claims investment treaty arbitration Abaclat et al v. Republic of Argentina) and specially-crafted compensation programs like the Deepwater Horizon Gulf Coast Claims Facility. We have assembled a panel of three hands-on participants at the cutting edge of these developments; Carolyn Lamm, John R. Crook and Prof. S.I. (Stacie) Strong.


    • John Crook, George Washington University
    • Carolyn Lamm, White & Case LLP
    • Prof. S.I. (Stacie) Strong, University of Missouri School of Law (Moderator)

    Carolyn Lamm is the Washington, D.C. partner at White & Case LLP representing 60,000+ Italian bondholder claimants in Abaclat et al v. Republic of Argentina. The former president of the American Bar Association and the District of Columbia Bar, Lamm is acknowledged in international legal circles as a premier counsel and arbitrator. Her list of international arbitral engagements is legion. She brings to our panel on mass claims a wealth of experience with both the practical and the policy aspects of international claims.

    John R. Crook is Professorial Lecturer at George Washington University School of Law, where he teaches international arbitration. He was a commissioner on the Eritrea-Ethiopia Claims Commission, which successfully addressed extensive claims stemming from the two countries’ 1998-2000 war. In addition, Crook served as the second U.S. Agent at the Iran-U.S. Claims Tribunal in The Hague. He was also deeply involved in creating the United Nations Compensation Commission to resolve claims arising out of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and the first Iraq war. Crook edits the American Journal of International Law’s section on Contemporary U.S. Practice Relating to International Law and has written extensively on dispute settlement.

    Professor S.I. (Stacie) Strong will both speak and moderate our program. She is an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Missouri and a Senior Fellow at the Center for the Study of Dispute Resolution. One of the world’s leading scholars on international mass and collective claims, Professor Strong specializes in international commercial arbitration and litigation, and has written numerous books and articles involving large-scale, including Class, Mass and Collective Arbitration in National and International Law from Oxford University Press (forthcoming 2013). Professor Strong is currently visiting faculty at the Georgetown University Law Center.