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    Corruption and Global Security

    At a time of global upheaval, security issues dominate western international policymaking. Yet, world leaders often overlook corruption as a key factor driving many of today’s security crises, including extremist insurgencies in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya and Nigeria, Iraq’s and Syria’s collapse and the spread of ISIS, revolutions and their spin-offs from the Arab world to Ukraine, and the state implosion witnessed in Latin America where governments are entering into symbiotic relationships with transnational criminal superpowers.

    This perspective on corruption carries important implications for compliance and corporate social responsibility.

    Our session will explore questions at this critical intersection between corruption, international security, and the role of the private sector.



    Sarah Chayes, Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment and Author, Thieves
    of State, Why Corruption Threatens Global Security and The Punishment of Virtue

    Jodi Vittori, Senior Policy Adviser, Global Witness

    Don Zarin, Partner, Holland & Knight, Washington DC Office


    Renaud Beauchard, Fellow, Institute of High Judicial Studies and President, Washington Foreign Law Society

    The present session therefore aims at raising awareness on the need to better explore and articulate the link between corruption and global security.

    This event is co-sponsored by the American Society of International Law.

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