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    ASIL-UNA Series Part 3: Support for the Syrian Insurgency: What UN and International Norms Apply?

    What legal constraints does the United States face in providing greater support to Syrian insurgents? Does it make a difference if the support, without Syrian government consent or UN Security Council approval, comes in the form of provision of non-lethal assistance to the rebels or the supply of arms or the establishment of a no-fly zone? Can the United States and its NATO allies rely on the Kosovo precedent to act without Security Council authorization? Do the United Nations Charter prohibitions found in Article 2(4) require reinterpretation in light of past precedent and the evolution of the responsibility-to-protect doctrine? What learning stems from the Libya experience? Can the United States and other nation-States lawfully achieve by secret intelligence operations what they cannot undertake openly? Does the Syria experience to date, with over an estimated 70,000 civilian fatalities, offer broader lessons about the functioning and future relevance of the UN Security Council?

    This course is the last installment of three programs in a series cosponsored by the American Society of International Law in partnership with the United Nations Association of the National Capital Area’s International Law Committee to address the issue of the use of force. When is it permissible? What is the role of the UN and how can it be carried out? For information about the full series, please click here.


    • Davis Robinson, Senior Counsel, International Dispute Resolution Group, Crowell & Moring LLP


    • Ashley Deeks, Professor of Law, University of Virginia Law School
    • Mona Yacoubian, Stimson Center
    • Allan Gerson, AG International Law, PLLC

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