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Kate Linton

Kate is a Senior Attorney-Advisor in the Office of Industries of the U.S. International Trade Commission where she focuses on intellectual property and international trade issues. She has been a key part of Commission fact-finding investigations on a range of topics including foreign government censorship policies; the economic impacts of USMCA and other free trade agreements; digital trade barriers; investment and industrial policies in India; innovation and IPR infringement in China; and U.S. competitiveness studies of several high-tech industries.

Kate also has been detailed to the House Committee on Ways & Means, where she focused on USMCA renegotiations, and to the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office of General Counsel, where she focused on the section 301 China technology transfer and intellectual property investigation. Prior to joining the Commission, Kate practiced law in the fields of intellectual property and commercial litigation. She holds an M.A. in International Commerce and Policy from George Mason University, a J.D. from the UCLA School of Law, and a B.A. from Middlebury College.