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David Salie

David received a graduate degree from Georgetown University in international relations and economics and spent the following six years working as a lecturer and consultant in eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, and other regions transitioning away from centrally planned economies.  Observing the disruptive effects of societal change in countries without the benefit of a long history of respect for the rule of law, David was inspired to pursue a career in international law.  David attended Stanford Law School and began work for the Department of State’s Office of Legal Adviser in 2000.  Since then, David has worked in the fields of international arbitration, national security, intelligence, and cyber law, immigration, government contract negotiation and oversight, and privacy, civil liberties, and transparency.  David also took time off to work on a presidential campaign, devising groundbreaking political, social networking, and fundraising strategies that are used to this day by corporations, political campaigns, and advocacy organizations.